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Advancing Online Teaching

The goal of teaching online is fundamentally the same as teaching face-to-face: facilitating the learning of all students to the greatest extent possible.

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Dynamic Lecturing

Is the lecture an outmoded teaching method that inhibits active learning or is it a potentially powerful tool that is an essential part of every teacher’s repertoire?

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Teaching for Learning

Despite a growing body of research on teaching methods, instructors lack a comprehensive resource that highlights and synthesizes proven approaches. Teaching for Learning fills that gap.


A Student Mental Health Crisis Awaits. Here’s How We Avoid a Bad Fall

Extra funding should be requested now to staff up wellness centres, counselling centres and campus ministries

Promoting Active Learning in Residency Didactic Sessions

To move from teaching to learning, educators must think about teaching in a different way.

The New Science of Learning

Learning to learn is the key skill for tomorrow. This breakthrough book builds the foundation every student needs, from freshman orientation to graduate school.

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Students Who Don’t Participate in Class Discussions: They Are Not All Introverts

In essentially every class there are  those who resist participating, and getting those students to talk  remains a challenging aspect of teaching.

Managing Your Time

Time is your most valuable resource. Managed poorly, “lack of time” will be a source of frustration, stress, self-doubt, and reduced productivity.

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